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Listen to Aphex Twin's long-lost album Caustic Window

The unreleased 1994 record has just been uploaded to YouTube for your streaming pleasure

A long-lost Aphex Twin album has resurfaced on YouTube. Caustic Window, the aborted 1994 record made by the genius electronica artist, caused an online stir two months back when the vinyl test pressing was listed on Discogs at a price of $13,500. After negotiations between the seller, the artist and electronica-obsessed fan forum We Are The Music Makers, a Kickstarter was set up to provide backers with an MP3 version of Caustic Window. Now one of those investors has uploaded the album to YouTube.

The last time Richard D James officially released any music was back in 2003, when the Cornish shaman put out 26 Mixes For Cash, a release that contained four original tracks amongst a slew of remixes. However, an album put out in 2007 by The Tuss was almost certainly him, despite a cloak of anonymity. While Caustic Window might be twenty years old, it'll certainly be treated with all the excitement of a fresh release by his notoriously obsessive fans.

The vinyl has been made available on eBay – at the time of writing it's had 68 bids and the price stands at $6,000, with all profits split between Richard D James, his label Rephlex and a charity of their choice. Click here to bid, or if you haven't got $6,000 then just stream it off YouTube below like the rest of us.