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There's an unreleased Aphex Twin record selling for $13,500

A test pressing of the aborted album Caustic Window is being sold online

FACT got everyone excited on April Fool's Day when they span a yarn that long-lost Aphex Twin material had surfaced, having been lost for years after the electronica artist left an MP3 player on a plane. We knew it couldn't be true when they said "Drukqs isn't exactly anybody's favourite Richard D. James album". Except ours, obviously. 

But now a legitimate test pressing of the unreleased Aphex album Caustic Window has appeared on Discogs, for the hearty price of $13,500 plus shipping. Apparently the album made it to the test pressing stages but the project was aborted for unknown reasons. Now the vinyl (of which there are thought to only be five in existence) has turned up in the Discogs marketplace. The seller claims that he is able to “demonstrate the record's authenticity and deliver by any reasonable means".

Discogs is a notoriously expensive grey market that's come under fire in the past for allowing tightwads the ability to exercise a monopoly over genuine music fans. Rare records regularly sell for over a thousand pounds and are often listed as unplayed, meaning that whoever's selling them bought them with absolutely no intention of playing them. Apparently, the copy of Caustic Window hasn't even left the sleeve.

It's been a good week for physical music – somebody offered $5 million for the only copy of Wu-Tang's new album and now an Aphex test pressing is selling for thousands. Who said buying music was dead?