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Stream Kwes's hard-hitting Hejira rework

The Warp producer twists the London-based three-piece's track into a sharp-edged new version

London three-piece Hejira’s new single “Dancing Around Control” is an anthem to frustration, all driving kickdrum and sneering distorted lyrics like “why can’t you just be a little more like me?”  Trust Warp producer Kwes to turn in a remix that focuses not on the hard-hitting elements, but instead on the spaces between, teasing out all the off-kilter piano flourishes and unravelling melodies – its chorus of atmospheric sound is reminiscent of Kwes’s tightly-woven 2013 LP ilp. The result hits like an angry rock belter you hallucinated, full of colours and shapes you might not expect, the voice feeling weirdly far away from the body.