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SXSW 2013

UNiiQu3's explosive Jersey club

UNiiQu3 is the queen of Jersey's raucous bass music – and her new tape is streaming inside

It’s hard to believe that Jersey club queen UNiiQU3 only just played her first international show, appearing in Toronto last week. Having started DJing at the age of 18 in the Jersey club scene, where kids practically grow up on heaving dancefloors, her beats are wrecking balls that smash through genre definition and look set to carry her Jersey club workouts far beyond their hometown. We’ve got the premiere of her explosive new 20-track mixtape, out on future-facing NYC label Lit City Trax, right here: hit play and get moving while you read what she has to say about the evolution of the scene.

Dazed Digital: Tell us about this mixtape. Why The New Klassiks?

Well with Jersey Club getting recognition worldwide, I wanted to educate people on its history but in a fun creative way. I decided to make a mixtape remixing some of the Jersey, Baltimore and Philly club classics. I included some of the original songs from artists I used to listen to  when I was younger, like Rod Lee and DJ Tameil so everyone can see hear how much club music has evolved. The New Klassiks.

DD: You’ve been DJing since you were 18. What are the biggest differences you’ve seen happen in the Jersey club scene since you started out?

The scene has evolved over the years, from the production of the music to the party-goers. When I first started DJing the scene was localized - it's expanded over the past few years due to the internet. I think it's amazing that it's a worldwide movement. Four years ago I never would have thought Jersey Club would become this big.

DD: How did you get involved in the Jersey Club Awards?

My close friends that go by the name of DJ Swiggs and Karen Hall came to me about it. We all thought the scene needed more unity. So what better way to bring everyone together than to host a showcase? The Jersey Club Awards give all the producers, DJs, rappers, dancers and singers a chance to showcase their talents. It's gotten much notoriety over the years. I'm really excited for this year’s awards.

DD: I love your Boss Ass Bitch remix with the samples from Nicki’s Pickle Juice speech. Is that video something you relate to, being a woman in a male-dominated scene?

Thank you! I can definitely relate to everything in Nicki's speech. Being a female in a male dominated scene can be tough sometimes. I just feel like you have to work twice as hard and be really good at your craft to get respect.

DD: What tunes are getting the most love in your sets right now?

The songs people have been digging the most right now are my original tracks which are unreleased at the moment. I've been working on a few singles along with my EP which I'm singing and rapping on as well. I always like to give the people that attend my shows something they can only experience live.

DD: When and where can we party with you?

Oh well I'm throwing a party! I want to help the underground and the mainstream scene unify in  Jersey. The 1st installment of my new monthly named "135" is happening 4/19/14 at the Life Lab in Newark, NJ. It's more than a party. It's more of an experience.

UNiiQU3 will play B2B with fellow Brick Bandit DJ Tiga in NYC May 30 at Lit City Rave