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Bookmarks from Brian Eno's Browser

The pop polymath shares his five favourite current distractions on the web

Brian Eno was in New York in May for the opening of his 77 Million Paintings, a self-generating installation of music and art located in the centre of Manhattan. After delivering a lecture on the finer points of music and art to an audience of eager young musicians at the nearby Red Bull Music Academy, a world-travelling series of festival of workshops, the inimitably articulate pop polymath sat down with Dazed to discuss everything from how noisy New York inspired his quietest music to his admiration for the beauty of female bodybuilders. The interview can be found in the current issue of Dazed (which will also be posted later online).

While we were talking, Eno let slip just how much he loved the world of YouTube ephemera, from talking dogs to singing lunatics. Exclusively for Dazed Digital, here are five of his favourite bookmarks currently on his browser…

Ultimate Dog Tease

A voiceover tells a dog about a bunch of meaty treats it isn’t going to eat, to the increasing agitation of an over-dubbed voice that matches the dog’s mouth movements. The dog itself looks nonplussed.

TED x Caltech - Danny Hillis:

The Day Today: WAR!

Classic Day Today sketch in which Chris Morris in his Paxman guise bullies politicians into starting a war between Hong Kong and Australia.

Tony Benn’s history lesson for neoliberals

Venerable socialist Tony Benn lays waste to the legacy of Thatcherism. “All the banks should be publicly owned”, he says, “and if you put money into the banks, the first thing you say to them is, ‘No more bonuses this Christmas.’ That would just be a start!”

YouTube search results for De-extinction:

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