Brooke Candy – "Everybody Does"

Director Renata Raksha teams up with LA's freaky princess to kick off 2013 in fierce style with this exclusive Dazed Digital music video

When Dazed Digital premiered Brooke Candy's "Das Me" video last October, it became one of our biggest hits of the year and solidified Candy's reputation as the gold armour-plated, trans-human fantasy girl of choice. Some sizzurp-sipping loons went as far to say that it was the closest our generation had come to invoking the sprit of Barbarella. We're not sure what Jane Fonda would make of the comparison to a rapping ex-stripper with pink braids, but we do know that twerk-out exercise videos are a great way of shedding the pounds apres Christmas. To kick off the new year, we've hooked up with the self proclaimed freaky princess once again to produce a promo for her latest banger, "Everybody Does". Directed by Renata Raksha, this time we see our cyberpunk pin up playing with an army of mini chameleons, cover herself in silver paint, get creative with some fans in the back of a lorry, and drop it low in a car wash all while MCing over Lucian Walker's demented instrumental. It's weird, wild and quite easily the best way to start 2013. Over to you, Ms Candy....

Director: Renata Raksha
Producer: Brooke Candy
Director of Photography: Dustin Bath
Second Camera: John Will Clay
Editor: Matthew Boman
Production Designer: Roxanne Knouse
Clothing by: Seth Pratt
Styling: Brett Bailey
Makeup: Anthony Nguyen
Lindsey Martins
Nails: Madeline Poole & Natalie Minerva

Song produced by: Lucian Walker
Color correction: Bossi Baker
Animals: Sticky Tongue Farms
Executive Producers: Tim Noakes & Lauren Ford