Brassica - Modern Magic

Watch the lols new video from the disco-tinged electronica producer featuring Fair Ohs' Joe Ryan here first

Having made an impressive mix for us last year, the ever-adventurous electronica producer Brassica is back with his new kaleidoscopic 'Temple Fortune' EP on London-based label Civil Music. The quirky lo-fi video for the cosmic single 'Modern Magic', as premiered on Dazed, is a tiny budget affair featuring Joe Ryan of Fair Ohs on the drums (as heard in the original track), with a little cameo from Brassica at the end. Here we speak to Brassica about the making of the retro video, and his nods to Jesus Christ Superstar and bad shows at Butlins...

Dazed Digital: How did the idea for the video come about and have you worked with Joe from Fair Ohs before?
Brassica: The video features a longtime friend Joe Ryan, who now plays in Fair Ohs. He played the actual drum parts within the song, so when I met with video maker Phil Whitby, he suggested creating something based around a drum tuition video. As a big fan of 80s VHS musician's tutorials like 'Star Licks Master Series', my mind kinda exploded. Phil and I conversed extensively on ways to elaborate on the theme. The result is a video which explores the blurring of memory, persona, time and space through an essentially ancient musical instrument.

DD: Can you tell us a little about the track?
The track is a nod towards (particularly 70s) musical theatre and the kind of music you might expect to hear in War of Worlds or Jesus Christ Superstar. There's a certain magic in sitting slightly too close to a live theatre band that I really dig, whether an expensive West End show or a bad pantomime at Butlins. 

DD: What's the story behind the new EP?
Brassica: Modern Magic is one of four tracks from the Temple Fortune EP. The EP is a small selection of music created over a year or so of writing, plus an old banger for good measure. 

Capracara's version of Lydden Circuit is a monument. Jonny has an individual approach to making club records that's as warm and sincere as his personality. This is why I asked him to provide the voiceover for the video - it sets a friendly tone for the video in a way I dreamt of.