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Ahead of his gig with Dopplereffekt at XOYO tomorrow, the eclectic electronic producer presents a new exclusive mix

Known for his unusual sounds blending emotive electronica with ethereal elements, Brassica presents a unique breed of music that he has skilfully mastered. His new mix for us fusing the likes of AFX, Isolee, Legowelt and Ali Renault is a fine example of his influences and inspirations. We catch up with him before he plays with Dopplereffekt at London's premier live music venue, XOYO tomorrow, Friday 3rd June as part of Unknown to the Unknown. Turn up in one of their nifty new tees to really show your support, and catch the likes of Ali Renault (of Heartbreak), Raf Daddy (2 Bears), Wifey DJs and Boomkat’s Faktion.


...your special talent?
Combining and executing ideas. 

... your favourite sound?
My girl's voice.

...your worst vice?

Tweeting when pissed. Not literally of course. 

...your favourite website at the moment?
Gumtree, for expanding the studio with second-hand devices that people are glad to see the back of. The band classifieds are pretty entertaining too. Check this ad out on Craigslist.
...something good on Youtube?

...the best thing about where you're from?
I live in Folkestone at the moment. Cheap rent, no neighbours banging on walls and after a day in the studio I can go fishing. Unfortunately the majority of people living there are utter scumbags. the top of your shit list?
Musical comebacks, when they sacrifice their original qualities for the sake of convenience and think it's acceptable.   

...your worst fashion secret?
A knitted jumper with yellow dogs heavily resembling the Netto logo. 

...are you listening to now?
Muslimgauze, Grand Funk Railroad, Radio 4 podcasts.
How would you describe your work?
I would never try, but someone said recently it has everything from the late 60s to current trends in electronic music, which was a big compliment.

Lambda Zone - Bug
Isolee - 13 Times an Hour
Christian Vogel - Esquina Del Sol
JR Seaton - In Your Mask I See A Better Person
Elecktroids - Stun Gun
Legowelt - Raid on Stanleyville
Semtek - West Acyd Shelter
Magnets - Propeller Falls
Ali Renault - Deep Sea Pumas
Nicky Elite - Night Time (feat. Zoopsie)
Nicky Elite - Entreanched Zealot Understatement
AFX - Crying In Your Face
Manasyt - Vibro
Gold Blood - Gets You Laid
Drastik Plastik - Stress (A1)
AFX - Cat 00897-A2 (Analogue Bubblebath 3)
Unknown to the Unknown, XOYO, 32-37 Cowper Street, London EC2A 4AP, Friday 3rd June 2011, 9PM – 3AM, £8 Advance