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Fair Ohs Recommends

The legendary three-piece from East London give us their picks of youtube clips and supra-hardcore bands

The East London-based trio Fair Ohs return to their hardcore roots by releasing their early recordings on 7” & download for the first time via Pacific Rim: Early Recordings - compiling eight songs plus bonus tracks as a documentation of the band’s early experimentations. Having moved on from their early days as a hardcore/garage punk band, the three-piece have since delved into more diverse sounds, yet remaining true to their original punk energy. We speak to the dynamic lot about their most favourite things from Maru the Cat to their choice of new bands to look out for.

Can You Recommend...
... three new bands?

Sauna Youth are the greatest supra-hardcore band in existence, Tense Men are garage rock locked grooves and our great friends Cold Pumas make doing the same thing over and over again sound like bliss.

... three old bands?

Lungfish for the beard, Os Mutantes for the psych and Mulatu Astatke for the ethno-kudos we so desperately desire.

... a record label?

Dream Beach Records, Eddy's pioneering world music imprint. Yeah, pioneering. And Suplex Cassettes, Matt's unstoppable cassette empire.

... a website?

... a film?

Rosemary's Baby. You see Mia Farrow's tuchus? Woof.

... a book?

Frank Herbert's Dune, Isaac Asimov's Foundation - because we're not the kind of dorks who read Infinite fucking Jest.

... something on YouTube?

Maru the Cat, he fuckin' rules

... a radio show?

Huw Stephens, because he think's we're handsome. And we are.

...a beverage of choice?

Mojito. That's a man's drink.

... something to do on a day off?


... a song everyone should hear?

Fake Fags by Limpwrist

Released on September 26th by Tough Love, on whom the band have previously released a long since sold-out split 7”, the record features artwork from Male Bonding's Robin Silas and is strictly limited to just 300 copies on 7”.