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Allah-Las press piano

Allah-Las - Vis A Vis video

Los Angeles 60s-inspired guitar pop band Allah-Las premiere their new technicolor video

With their sunshine riffs and sweetly melancholic 60s-inspired guitar pop, Los Angeles four-piece Allah-Las are currently our favourite antidote to grey skies and soggy socks. The four-piece bonded over surf rock and classic pop while working at the racks of LA vinyl emporium Amoeba Records, and their recent self-titled debut LP takes the best from that golden era and gives it a sparking update.

Today, Allah-Las exclusively premiere the Technicolor video for 'Vis A Vis', one of the album's highlights. Singer Miles Michaud explains: "It's about looking at a past relationship with rose-tinted glasses and feeling that things would be great if you had stayed together, yet knowing in your heart of hearts you would end up having the same problems that drove you apart in the first place.”

...the story behind your band name?
We wanted to have a band name that sounded musical, something that sounded nice to say.  Allah-Las worked for that.   

...the best show you've ever played?
Our homecoming show at the tail end of our recent US tour with Nick Waterhouse was a heartwarming experience, to say the least. We really enjoy playing in natural environments, as well.  We never turn down an opportunity to play Big Sur or any other natural locale.

...your usual order at your local diner?
24 hour breakfast is usually a safe bet. French Dip is always a treat.

...the movie that you'd love to soundtrack?
Roman Polanski's Knife In The Water. The cinematography is amazing and the moody tone would fit. Maybe Terrence Malick's next project, really dig what those guys are about.

...your favourite website?

...your favourite time of the day?
Golden Hour

...your #1 hangover cure?
Sleeping til the crack of noon.

...the weirdest supernatural experience you've ever had?
Miles has been abducted by aliens. That movie Fire In The Sky hits close to home.

...your party trick?
The Irish goodbye and our Groove Master Robert Combs is famous for his mid-dancefloor backflip

...your dream music video, given an unlimited budget?
Either we'd be the first band to play in space, or we'd build a model Atlantis and play at the bottom of the sea. We are currently seeking investors.

...your dream collaboration?
Herzog to direct and narrate our music video in space or at the bottom of the sea.

What are you listening to now?
CAN, Gabor Szabo, Chico Hamilton, Sir Douglas Quintet to name a few. is our weekly mix blog. The four of us plus 5 of our closest friends take turns picking and mixing these every week.

Postcards feature quite prominently in the Vis-A-Vis video. What person, dead or alive, would you like to send a postcard to?
Probably write a postcard to Jim Sullivan asking if he was still being abducted by aliens. Just address it Santa Rosa, New Mexico and hope the postman turned out alright.

How would you describe your music in 3 words?
Groovesons: LA Chapter