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Breakbot 'One Out of Two': Video Premiere

Check out the French Ed Banger producer's latest hit video first on DD

You may remember Ed Banger's Breakbot, aka Thibaut Berland, for his dancefloor-filling songs like 'Baby I'm Yours' and 'Fantasy' often featuring Irfane, as well as his remixes for Justice and Metronomy circa the late 'electro era' noughties. Making Ed Banger's most infectious, happy-go-lucky funk and disco-focused tunes, Berland is now back with his new single and a long overdue debut album 'By Your Side'. Check out the stunning new video for the new track, 'One Out Of Two', which Dazed premieres here.

Film by Irina Dakeva

'By Your Side' will be out next Monday, September 17th