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Metronomy: She Wants

The band's new album is an explosion of instrumental electro-pop inspired by the South West coast

Metronomy started with a teenage Joseph Mount making music on a battered old computer in his bedroom, but the need to perform live shows led to the addition of members Oscar Cash, Anna Prior and Gbenga Adelekan and hence now Metronomy are a fully-functioning live band who make instrumental electronic pop. Famed for their dance routines and light shows, which started off as push lamps from a pound shop that the band would push on and off - are now pre-synced. 'The English Riviera', the band’s third album, is mixture of unabashed funk and sunset folk tunes and was made in a converted garage in Wapping. Dazed present the first single from the album, 'She Wants' before its release on January 31st.

Dazed Digital: What is Metronomy doing now that no one else is?
Joseph Mount:
Well, I suppose you mean artistically. In which case I would struggle to say much without coming across a bit showoffy. But, I suppose we are taking a few chances that other people aren't and I am certainly trying to learn new things about music and the like. If I've misunderstood the question and you just want to know what I'm doing that no one else is, then the answer is listening to James Bond theme songs and doing this interview.

DD: What's the story behind 'She Wants'?
Joseph Mount:
 It's about being up late worrying about things whilst your other half is sleeping soundly and probably having wonderful dreams.

DD: Can you describe the new album in a sentence?
Joseph Mount
:The English Riviera IS the Devon sound

DD: You are known for your banging remixes, which is your favourite and why?
Joseph Mount:
I am asked this question a lot, I have many favourites, but right now I'm digging the Lyke Li one I did. It's probably the most satisfying one to listen to and I wish it was my song.

DD: Where do you want to be in five years?
Joseph Mount: 
God knows, hopefully on album Number 10 and living in a mansion, maybe with a few children, a clothing line, a trophy wife, a few sports cars, new teeth etc.