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Veronica Vasicka

Dazed x Sonos: Evolution of Listening Competition

Actress, Veronica Vasicka, Raf Daddy and Andy Votel will be judging our exciting new mixtape competition

This week, Dazed is teaming up with Sonos to launch The Evolution of Listening, a new series exploring and showcasing new music through a unique mix competition. To decide on the winners, we've got some of the world's most respected DJs to do the judging, including Actress, Veronica Vasicka, Raf Daddy (2 Bears), and Andy Votel.

The panel members – who between them run labels Werk Discs, Minimal Wave and Finders Keepers – will be judging your 20-minute selections, which will be created to showcase the best of a particular time period, genre or feeling. Check out the judges' mixes made for The Evolution of Listening project HERE for an idea of what to go for.

The winner will receive a Sonos Wireless Hi-Fi System worth £1000, plus a featured Dazed monthly mix and a Q&A spot on the site.

To enter, upload a mix of no more than 20 minutes on Mixcloud, title the mix 'Sonos X Dazed Evolution Of Music' and tag it 'Evolution of Music'. For more details and the rules on entering check out the project HERE.