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Glacéau Vitaminwater: i-create Film

Launching a new flavour and an Olympic partnership, the Vitamin Water celebrated with a tracksuit party in East London

Last night, down an alleyway off Bethnal Green road, Glacéau vitaminwater threw a launch party for their new flavour (peach, raspberry and vanilla) and to celebrate their Olympic partnership.

The new limited i-create edition is the official flavour of London 2012 and was decided on by members of the public via Facebook. In the decadent setting of Loungelover, luxurious red curtains cascaded down from ceiling to floor, while an open mouthed Rhino’s head protruded from the wall, as friends of the brand filled the bar to celebrate the release. Tayo Popoola, Rick Edwards and Amber Atherton among many others drank the flavour-themed cocktails and feasted on crabs legs and sushi.

The DJ, Lord Antony, dressed in a red tracksuit and adorned with medals, filled the soundscape with old school tracks until the arrival of the brand’s ambassador, Jessie J. After her performance the event began to look much more like one of Tayo’s renowned tracksuit parties; 90s hip hop filled the room and those brave enough cracked out their best attempt at a ‘running man’. 

Film by Santiago Arbelaez
Photos by Ravi Sidhu