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D Double E

Playing alongside the all-star line-up for Fabric's 12th birthday weekend, the notable grime MC speaks to us about his new material and putting his soul in it

Set to play this weekend's endless onslaught of a million continuous hours (Friday PM - Monday AM non-stop) of the finest electronic music at ravers' haven Fabric in London's 'On & On & On', MC/producer D Double E will play alongside the likes of Caspa, Breakage, Emalkay, MistaJam and Goldie on the Friday kicking off the superclub's 12th birthday celebrations. Whilst for the rest of the weekend, guests Soul Clap, Ricardo Villalobos, Moodymann, Space Dimension Controller, Maya Jane Coles, Pearson Sound, Ben Klock, and Margaret Dygas will continue on till daylight and then night, and daylight again... In light of the bender ahead, we speak to Mr Double E about his record's success and his future projects. Bluku bluku!

Dazed Digital: How would you describe the musical influences on the Bluku Bluku EP, it's not just straight up grime?
D Double E:
Because I’m an all rounder, I like all different music. I’ve been through a lot of genres of music as well so that’s probably got something to do with it, why it’s got different sounds and stuff.

DD: Do you have a favourite track? And why?
D Double E:
Yeah. The one I got a little personal on was ‘Put Your Money On It’. I don’t know. I got a lot of energy on it and I feel what I’m saying. It’s proper edgy.

DD: The Bluku Bluku EP features some collaborations with Dizzee and Smurfie Syco, are there any other artists that you’d like to work with in the future?
D Double E:
Yeah there’s quite a few, at the moment I’m trying to get work with lots of different producers. Work with lots of different producers and play about with my styles a bit more... I would like to do a tune with Alchemist... also Joker, Caspa.

DD: And when can we expect a full album? Is that something you are thinking about working on?
D Double E:
Album-wise, it’s just kinda- get all my songs up then I’m going to go on a production hunt and put all my songs to the test man!

DD: Were you tempted to turn the new EP into a full album? Did you think that it had the potential to be an album?
D Double E:
There was always potential to have an album because the production and the quality of it all was 100 per cent strong. We always had the chance to do that but I just thought -this is just a sample. To me that was easy so I could have kept it as my goal or just dropped it out because I know I can do it again. I know I can, so it’s nothing.

DD: Any new material coming from the Newham Generals?
D Double E:
Yeah got a new Newham Generals album coming out. The first single should be dropping early next year.

DD: Describe the sound of the album.
D Double E:
I would describe it as hard, new age, it's deep man! I mean all the producers got names, its gonna be banging tunes, all up to date, all new. It’s all different. Everything we do is always different its never the same as before.

DD: Any artist or tracks you’ve heard that you think are set to be the next big thing?
D Double E:
No, not really. I’m working with a lot of people who have potential but I wouldn’t be able to single no one out…There’s too much talent that I know, that is around me, for me to say one name would be leaving out too many people.

DD: Any up and coming performances?
D Double E:
Fabric Birthday Bash!

Fabric's 12th Birthday and On & On & On: Friday October 21, 10pm - 6am; £15 advance/£16 door/£10 student & fabricfirst; £7 after 3am. Saturday 22 October/Sunday 23 October; Sat 11pm - Mon 5am