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Photo by Adela Loconte

Soul Clap

Wolf + Lamb darlings Elyte and Cnyce are throwing out electronic deep house and smooth grooves to die for

Colliding spaced out grooves and smooth electronic house, Soul Clap from Boston have been making 'hit of the summer' waves in the deep house scene. Blending perfectly into Brookyln's Wolf + Lamb label roster, if their productions don't make you want to generally get on down tonight then there's something sadly wrong with you and you'd better head to the (funk) GP.
Having previously released tracks like their 'Definition' EP with the groove-heavy 'Grown-N-Sexy' with epic-ly 80s melodic samples combined with relentlessly cheerful pianos that just-don't-quit, alongside 'Crazy Lady' with a babbling accented female vocal on Airdrop Records, they have gone back to the art of edits for a Wolf + Lamb release. Their recent duo of pop edits of 'Dreams' by Fleetwood Mac and Chris Isaac's 'Wicked Game' have gained them some wider attention, reworking classics with their own instantly-recognisable spin that clearly shows a huge range of influences from jazz to Detroit techno; we imagine them to speak a little like they're from the 50s and dress a little like Prince.

Dazed Digital: We've been delving through your back catalogue, how do you think your sound has developed over time?
Elyte & Cnyce: Well... really what's different now is that before we had a serious identity crisis. We weren't really comfortable making music yet. We started doing edits and Gadi and Zev (Wolf + Lamb label bosses) heard them and really supported us going in that direction. Once the edits were out people even started telling us to stop making electronic music completely and we really knew we were onto something. This probably gave us the confidence to go back to our roots and really focus on bringing a classic dance music feeling to our original productions. Through just existing in our record collection we've managed to pull everything together into the Soul Clap sound.

DD: What inspires you?
Elyte & Cnyce: Bang Bros, UFOs, dirty cloths, pick your nose.

DD: Your songs seems very well suited to Wolf + Lamb... it's all very sexy and includes a load of interesting smooth samples... Where do you find them?
Elyte & Cnyce: We don't really find them, they find us. Have you heard of divine intervention?

DD: Who are you listening to right now?
Elyte & Cynce: Talking Heads, Dam-Funk, Wolf + Lamb, Michael J Collins, Wu-Tang, Le Loup, Trickski, Cottam, Trus'me, Black Science Orchestra, the soundtracks to Hustle & Flow and Inland Empire, random reggae mix cds and the new Claude VonStroke album is awesome.

DD: What one song out there do you wish you'd made?
Elyte & Cnyce: We wish we were James "D-Train" Williams.

DD: What's the Boston music scene like? How does it compare to say playing in London?
Elyte & Cnyce: Let's just say when the pilgrims left England they left behind their partying prowess, but, bigger than Boston, dance music in the States is really making a comeback. We're really proud of our country's musical history, after all we invented house, techno, R&B, motown, funk, soul, disco, hip-hop, blues, juke, go-go, booty bass, electro, rock 'n' roll and both kinda music, country and western (yeehaw)! We're also very fortunate to have a tightly knit musical family in Boston that also includes Tanner Ross (aka Marcel Wave & Voodeux) and the best DJ with the worst hygiene, Sergio Santos.

DD: If you weren't making music what would you be doing?
Elyte & Cnyce: Probably making music.

DD: What's next?
Elyte & Cnyce: Hopefully an album. We've been working on this E-Funk thing. Imagine Lee Curtiss invited Nate Dogg and George Clinton for a steam at the Marcy Hotel.

Check out their edit of 'Dreams', sold only on wolflambmusic.