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Space Dimension Controller

Dazed speak to the galactic ambassador about cosmic house before he plays this week's Phonica clubnight with I:Cube & Midland at Corsica Studios

Set to play the next Phonica night at South London's Corsica Studios this Saturday alongside a genre-defying selection of electronic acts such as France's I:Cube, drum'n'bass duo Instra:mental, Midland, and Dexter, the epicly named Space Dimension Controller has been making waves with his breed of unabashed funk, disco and deep house. After the circulation of tracks called 'I Made a Funny' and 'Unidentified Flying Oscillator', his single 'The Love Quadrant' was featured in Soul Clap's Phonica DJ chart uses soulful house with vocoded Uffie-esque girl vocals and indulgent synth solos. Dazed find out more about the mysterious SDC and how he spends his time hanging with his astrohoes.

Dazed Digital: Your tracks and alias are obviously pretty cosmic and spacey, how did you become influenced by these themes?
Space Dimension Controller: Firstly, there is no alias. I am Mr. 8040 and I am a Space Dimension Controller, so that's why I release my music under that name. I'm influenced by space because it is where I was born and where I live. I spent most of my life aboard the escape vessel my family used to escape when Planet Earth was invaded by Pulsovians in 2257. Now I live on Mikrosector-50, Mankind's new home.

DD: Where do you find your samples?
Space Dimension Controller: Samples aren't really a part of my music. My tracks are made with ancient earth instruments and effects. However, when there is a sound that I can't make or recreate myself I just log into the Earth history archives and rip it from there. Don't tell Max Tiraquon though. In fact, don't speak to him at all.


... special about you?
The fact that I've been able to make my music in secret without Max Tiraquon or any other member of the Tiraquon Security Council finding out.

... your worst vice?
Astrohoes and women in general. Alien, human and sometimes even cyborg. Being a Space Dimension Controller is hard work and I like to let off some steam with a good woman or two. I have to leave them at the Love Quadrant after i'm done with them, otherwise they would just get in the way.

... your worst fashion secret?
Sometimes when I play gigs I wear piano ties, but that's not a secret. Those things look good.

... your favourite website?
There are no good websites in Mikrosector-50, they are moderated quite heavily by the security council so there isn't much to look at.

... good for breakfast?
Usually I have to settle for less due to convenience, but my favourite food at any time of the day is meat from the Xenarbeast on Planet X-5.

... at the top of your shit list?
The music that the citizens of Mikrosector-50 have to listen to. Music that is too far out of the ordinary is banned from Mikrosector-50 to keep people in order in the legal nightclubs. This is the main reason I make my music in secret.

... are you listening to now?
The hum of my Electropod-250 as I dock with the Security Council HQ.

How would you describe your work?
Shhh, I have to go now. Max is coming, but I'll leave you with two words... Galactic Funk. 8040 out.

Phonica at Corsica Studios, 4/5 Elephant Road, Elephant & Castle, London. Saturday 3rd July. 10pm-6am £8 advance tickets or before 12. £10 after.