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Formerly known as 8Bitch, the Slovenian artist takes on a new electronic direction with her first EP on Svetlana Industries

Hailing from Slovenia, Maya Medvesek, formerly known as 8Bitch presents her first EP, 'Feel', under her sultry new pseudonym of Nightwave. Her unique and often full-frontal electronic music has featured on a number of labels from Seed Records and Slit Jockey, as well as Ministry of Sound’s ‘Adventures in Dubstep & Beyond’ compilation as selected by Joe Muggs, and the dreamy Cassie tribute album ‘Skydiver’ from Local Action.

Her next release is to come from the mysterious Svetlana Industries, working to bring the finest in modern and experimental electronic music to the fore. Expect more from Medvesek on Ghettophiles, Fortified, and Unknown to the Unknown later this year, alongside her remixes of Terror Danjah, Dam Mantle, and My Panda Shall Fly, as she's just been selected as one of this year's Red Bull Music Academy participants alongside the likes of xxxy, Om Unit, and Krystal Klear.


...your secret talent?
 Judo, languages, table football.
...your worst vice?
 Beer, wine, the disco and love.

…the story behind your name?
 Night time is my favourite time, and waves form thoughts, music, light, sea and the universe so I thought 'Nightwave' would be a cool name.

... your favourite sound?
Freshly opened wine pouring into a glass (back to the vices again!), 808 snare, the sea, the birds and laughter.

...your worst fashion secret?
I wore some absolutely shocking things 15 years ago... feather boas, plastic trousers, fake fur mini skirts etc. Used to make rave clothes and they looked ridiculous.

...your favourite website?

... good for breakfast?
 Blueberry pancakes and lots of coffee.
...the best thing about where you're from?
I'm from Ljubljana in Slovenia, we have fantastic beer and cakes and a very cool bridge with dragons! the top of your shit list?
Daily Mail and Ryanair!

...are you listening to now?
Right now I'm listening to Charlie Parker.

How would you describe your work?
I make electronic music and DJ and hope people like it. My stuff is quite varied, from ambient more abstract stuff to melodic techno-inspired club tunes... I usually start with the drums and see what direction they take me. It doesn't always work but I'm very happy when it does. If I get stuck creatively I listen to some jazz or old Detroit stuff.