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Dam Mantle Mixtape

We get an exclusive mixtape from Glasgow's finest electronic producer and part-time art student

This Glasgow-based producer has garnered a lot of hype about his work recently. Releasing under the dazzling moniker 'Dam Mantle', Tom Marshall blends jamming hip-hop influences with electronic rhythms, making his music hard to pin down and describe in words. Marshall grew up in Kent where his musical history involves being in a band playing Led Zeppelin covers and a solo acoustic folk project called 'Animals And War', before the curent Dam Mantle project was born. Now studying for a Fine Arts degree in Glasgow, he's cemented his name on the burgeoning experimental dance scene after touring with Gold Panda, and will spend the rest of the year finishing his album. Check out his exclusive Dazed Digital mixture for a banging and slightly psychedelic ride.

Dazed Digital: How did your tour with Gold Panda go?

Dam Mantle: That was a long time ago, it was awesome yeah. Travelling for music is the sickest thing, can't wait to get back out once the new stuff's done. 

DD: What is your production process like?

Dam Mantle: It really varies. most of the time it's about sitting down and making a beat. maybe ill be listening to records, or I'll sit and play piano/drums for a bit, sometimes I'll be watching a film and a melody or rhythm comes to me. Most of the sounds are recorded in, I tend to only use analogue synths but there is often a lot of fiddling about on the computer. 

DD: Any favourite sounds at the moment?

Dam Mantle: DJ Screw as an antidote to fast African music. Really into Shigeto's stuff, MatthewDavid, Kwes, My Panda Shall Fly, Pictureplane, Machine Drum, The Blessings, Jacques Greene. 

DD: What are you most looking forward to next?

Dam Mantle: Finishing the album, working with other people. Doing a new live set, making videos, finishing my degree and touring. 

Text by Laura Hinson