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Label Hypercolour

Forming four diverse electronic labels, the London duo behind Hypercolour speak to Dazed about their new releases and reveal all

Founded by Alex Jones and Jamie Russell, the Hypercolour empire comprising of four counterpart labels - Hypercolour, Glass Table releasing Jimmy Edgar and supergroup, Clapz II Dogz as their picture disc vinyl label, Losing Suki (their platform for new artists), and a new vinyl-only label, Hype_Ltd - has been hard on the task of scouting the finest electronic artists today. With new releases for a diverse range of producers from Axel Boman, Mosca (of Night Slug affiliation) to Christopher Rau, the label honchos have founded their ethos on creating a distinctive sound as well as bringing lesser known artists to the fore. We speak to co-founder Jamie about how it all came about and what's to come...

Dazed Digital: How do you find and/or pick your artists?
Jamie Russell: It's now a combination of us going out & finding artists, and demos sent. When a label has been running for over five years, it starts to create its own sound, and as diverse as ours is, we seem to attract like-minded producers. But I guess now we have a firm stable of artists, artists we intend to work with for life, it's great because everyone is great friends also. We're always on the hunt for new artists though, it's our life work!

DD: Why did you start the sub-labels?
Jamie Russell: There's only so many releases a year you can put out through one label, without throwing that identity into peoples faces constantly. We have four labels running at present, the main label Hypercolour, Glass Table (our picture disc vinyl label), Losing Suki, which is a platform for fresh new artists, call it a breaking ground perhaps? And now our vinyl only label Hype_Ltd.

Glass Table came about from going back to my label partner Alex's flat (where he had a Glass Table) after DJing out in London. We'd listen to all sorts of weird stuff around this table, we did a lot of label business too (whilst heavily under the influence!), signed and found new artists and generally sat around acting like idiots. We had the idea, and it was brought into fruition after receiving a demo from Jimmy Edgar, he kind of epitomised the sound we had in mind with that inaugural EP. So add to the amazing
music, a fantastic, art-embellished product... I'd call that, quite a statement of intent!

We're about to launch our new vinyl only label, Hype_Ltd. We're really enjoying putting together special products at the moment, and our efforts seem to be working as our vinyl sales are on the up at the moment! We're putting together some really cool, die cut sleeves. Musically, there will be more of a vintage sound to what we're releasing, loads of classic sounding stuff. First release is a re-release of Maya Jane Coles 'Humming Bird/Nobody Else' and features new remixes from T.Williams and Youandewan. Then we have some great EPs from Kevin McPhee and Murphy Jax. Our intentions here are for Hypercolour to look forward in its releases and Hype_Ltd to take a nod at the past. I'm super-excited about our release schedule on all labels right now.

DD: How do you feel your sounds have changed or progressed over time?

Jamie Russell: I feel as a label we've never been well known for that one type of sound, we release what we please. I think we made the right choice there as trends come and go. which means if you commit yourself to one sound or scene, longevity will pass you by. If you're neither here nor there, you can reinvent yourself constantly and that's we do, in the form of embracing everything that is fresh and new about dance music.

I feel that the standard and quality has well and truly been raised with us. We've stuck to our guns from day one, nobody can predict what type of release will come out next from Hypercolour. I'd like to keep it that way, and keep them guessing...

DD: What kind of effects would you hope Hypercolour/Glass Table would make on UK electronic music? If any?
Jamie Russell: I'd like to think, and hope that one day we'll be remembered for being different. We consider ourselves to be slightly more interesting in our output, than most, does anyone else think that though? I'm not sure!? We're serious about music, but not so much about life!

DD: Tell us about the upcoming artists on the label?

Jamie Russell: We've just signed EPs from both Hamburg's Christopher Rau and London's Mosca. Mosca as you know, is known for his 'Square One/ Nike' release on Nightslugs which was FACT Mag's No 1 single in 2010. He's just put together three tracks for us, his sub-heavy intepretation of house music, and I'm buzzing about it. I think the results of artists making music that is not familiar territory for them, are usually highly exciting, this is typified here with Mosca's EP.

We've also got the next Glass Table release from Stockholm's Axel Boman. He's such a nice guy, and we're honoured to be working with this perfect gent! The taster EP is about to drop, and that is followed by his full album in November. Axel is part of the Studio Barnhus crew, where he shares a studio alongside Border Community's Petter, and new up-start Kornel Kovacs, you'll be hearing a lot more from these playboys!

DD: Most excited about next?
Jamie Russell: Releasing all of the above! Our summer residency at Space in Ibiza for Kehakuma, and our next party at Fabric on Oct 29th!

Check out the Glass Table and Hypercolour releases on their soundcloud here