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Murphy Jax Exclusive Mix

Moving away from the former minimal influences, the new Turbo signing brings back classic Chicago sounds with his new EP and special mix for Dazed

Founded upon old school Chicago house and disco vibes, Murphy Jax is bringing back the sounds of the 90s with layered synth melodies, throbbing basslines and classic diva vox. Having started producing over seven years ago, Jax specialised in releasing limited pressed vinyls under several aliases on the likes of Dutch label Clone Records. Getting Mike Dunn, one of the many cofounders of the original Chicago sounds, Alden Tyrell, and Legowelt on remixes before, Jax has also roped Paul Woolford, Matt Walsh and Populette on remix duties for his new release on Tiga's influential Canadian label Turbo. Check out his epic mix made especially for us below featuring the likes of Luomo to Automat.

Dazed Digital: Having produced music for a while now, do you think your sound / creative process has noticeably changed/progressed and how?
Murphy Jax:
The progress itself hasn't change too much, just the quality which comes out. My workflow did always consist of doing lots of short soundscetches and finishing just very few of them. Creativity-wise I haven't found a true recipe yet. It all looks like coincidence and a mixture of feelings, mostly independent from outside influences - that's highly important for me, to get a feeling connected with a creativity rush out of a new track, and not out of my real life situation because that would make me dependent.

DD: What were your musical influences when you were growing up? Have they affected your sound now?
Murphy Jax:
Oh well, I am pretty sure that my youth didn't really have a big influence on my sound now. I tested out a lot, from alternative, to 90s hardtech, to pop, and classical. Just the theme love didn't die till now, and won't do, so till the end. I love themes from the  late 70s or early 80s movies. A good theme is often not connected to a good movie, which makes it hard to find them. I included one of my favourites named "Body Double" in my mix. The movie was crap, but the theme...

DD: How would you describe your work?
At first i do what i like, no matter if it sells or not. I would say that I am doing a strange crossover between coid, analogue minimal synth and Chi-town sound flavours. Sure there are a lot more terms to describe it, but thats the essence. I don't really like the cheesy full time vocal chicago tracks. Those, for that time, minimalistic deep housey sounds are my fave. Sure that minimalistic in a Chicago deep house way, can't be compared with the minimal genre of today.

DD: What are you listening to now?
Murphy Jax:
As I am very choosey, I don't listen to newly released music very often because the soundpool is very limited, if you compare the releases of the last two months (which most of the DJs are looking at), and the releases of the last 35 years, there is much more to explore in the past, than there is now. What happens often is that I listen to indie stuff like Patrick Wolf for example, techno, or harder genres for example are not very often in my playlist.

DD: Any dream collaborators you'd want to work with out there?
Murphy Jax:
I would have loved to work with Dave Gahan in the past, I am not sure if it's that great to do it now, as the dream did last to long already. But I could imagine to work with movie producers, for creating themes, instead of cooperations with famous artists.

DD: What's your relationship with Turbo?
Murphy Jax:
Pretty easygoing I would say. I do my music, they tell me if they like it or not, and if they want to put it out or not. Thomas, who manages Turbo is such a nice guy. I can ask him for an opinion on a sound scetch without having a big label pressure feeling or whatever.

DD: What's next?
Murphy Jax:
Next step is a Hypercolour release, which features an old song with new vocals, plus some deep Chicago sounding tracks on it. More work on Turbo is planned, but not yet fully scheduled. In between I already prepared my live set for going on tour very soon. So I will be available for live sounds with machines only. No Laptop. At the end I would like to say, that I was very happy to deliver a short overview about my work on Dazed, cause I knew it and respected it since long time.

1. Automat - Rise, Advance, Genus
2. Laser - Laser
3. Ganymed - Future World
4. Luomo - Form in Void
5. Actual Guy - Acid Emotion
6. Real Man - Fashion Victims (New Beat Mix)
7. Neon - Fade to Grey
8. Public Relation - Vava
9. Francis Lai - Robomanie
10. Pino Donaggio - Body Double
11. Droids - Shanti Dance
12. Big Ben Tribe - Heroes (Instrumental)