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Ghosting Season Exclusive Mix

The duo, formerly known as worriedaboutsatan, whip up a mix for us and chat about their new musical direction

Gavin Miller and Thomas Ragsdale are Ghosting Season aka the artists formerly known as worriedaboutsatan. Learning the positive power of reinvention the duo have decided to branch out and do something a little bit different under a new name for their latest project. Ghosting Season maintains all the broody, atmospheric electronica of worriedaboutsatan but with more of a dance edge with the organic elements of the new project in the guitars, voice, and found sound show a natural growth of the music.

Dazed Digital: When did you realise that creatively you could no longer perform as worriedaboutsatan? How have fans reacted?
Thomas Ragsdale:
One of the great things about producing electronic music is that you have a massive arsenal of sound to work with. You can be very open to a wide range of sound possibilities and they can be realised pretty easily. We made a good 15 worriedaboutsatan tracks and once we’d had them mastered we kind of thought “This is different, this isn’t a WAS album”. We didn’t really know what we’d created. The music was a lot more focused on ‘dance music’, rather than intricate electronica. If you don’t have a plan before you start building, it’s difficult to see what the end result will look like. Our end result was Ghosting Season. If I’m honest, we were scared about what people would think. We have some very loyal fans, but people seem to really like it. We’re very lucky boys.

DD: How does the sound of Ghosting Season differ to that of worriedaboutsatan?
Gavin Miller
: Like Tom said, it’s a more focused on the dancefloor. Well, a little bit more anyway. If ‘Arrivals’ was for 4am on the nightbus home, then the newer stuff is for 1am in some sweaty warehouse somewhere. That’s not to say that it’s a straight up techno record or anything, we still have our sound, it’s not like we’ve lost our identity. Things change though, and we thought about exploring another side to us on this record, and leave the glitchier, more atmospheric stuff for worriedaboutsatan to do.

DD: You've just done a gig supporting TEETH, are there any other musicians you would like to tour with?
Thomas Ragsdale: TEETH are amazing. They’re great to watch, and the music is incredible too. Brutal. Other touring acts then? It’s got to be Underworld. And maybe we could all have a big jam on stage for a few hours every night. We like to keep things in the family too, so touring with any of our buddy bands would be amazing; Nedry, Her Name is Calla, Capac…

DD: What music are you currently listening to?
Gavin Miller:
Oh, I love questions like this! We’re always listening to so much stuff, it’s unbearable sometimes! Current favourites on the stereo (well, our computers) are T++’s back catalogue, plenty of new and old Nine Inch Nails, new Wild Beasts, Agoria’s latest record, John Roberts, Jon Hopkins, Luke Abbott (we played with him at The Great Escape and not only is he lovely, but his music is incredible), some old Talking Heads stuff, a Tangerine Dream live album from ’75, Zelienople’s first two records, Spatial, Swarms, Radius System and always plenty of Moderat and Shackleton.

DD: If you had to pick one song you wish you had written which would you choose?
Thomas Ragsdale: Ok, the touring question was hard to answer, but this one’s ridiculously difficult. I’ll choose ‘Maps’ by Yeah Yeah Yeahs. There’s nothing to say about this song other than go and listen to it. And then listen to the Airhead remix. It won’t make you cry, it’ll just give you that feeling of massive elation. I also wish I’d written that song ‘Young Folks’ by Peter, Bjorn, and John.

DD: What are you most excited about next?
Gavin Miller:
Getting this EP and album out!! I can’t wait to have all this stuff we’ve done out there for people to hear. That and touring – there’s nothing quite like being a sweaty mess for weeks on end, playing music every night. Love it.