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Charli XCX / Stag & Dagger

As she launches her new single 'Stay Away', the young singer plays London's Stag & Dagger festival in Shoreditch this Thursday

Remixed by Salem and T.Williams, the UK-based performer Charli XCX's new single ‘Stay Away’ out on the cult indie label This Is Music that brought you releases from Boy 8-Bit, Little Boots and Monarchy, is a fine example of her darker, emotive shade of pop. Co-written and also produced by Ariel Rechtshaid (of Glasser, Diplo), her recordings have clearly been inspired by the likes of Kate Bush, to Justice, Patrick Wolf, and Hercules and Love Affair, where the new track combines her influences from the 80s with modern day sounds as an epic love song about unrequited love. Oh to be a teen again. Catch her playing at Stag & Dagger's party at Hoxton Pony alongside the likes of Dam Mantle, Lapalux and Streets of Beige.

Dazed Digital: How would you describe your songs?
Charli XCX:
Emotional and dark but still pop. All my songs are very personal to me and very colouful and vivid.

DD: What is your creative process like?

Charli XCX: Pretty messy - it's sort of just like, whatever happens happens. I like getting lost in the moment and then reflecting on it. I just enjoy creating with people... and then I'll think about all the other things later on.

DD: Do you prefer to be in studio or on stage?

Charli XCX: Stage. Definitely. I go insane. Eeeek.

DD: What are you listening to now?
Charli XCX: At the moment... Air, Chilly Gonzales, The Knife, Salem, Lil Wayne, Justice, Die Antwoord, Gobble Gobble, the new Nadia Oh stuff (she's amazing)... the list goes on.

DD: What's your worst fashion secret?

Charli XCX: Days of the week pants? I don't know... they're pretty cool though. I don't tend to keep fashion secrets.

DD: What's the greatest moment of your career so far?

Charli XCX: Either working with Viv Albertine (The Slits) because, well, she's amazing. Or supporting Robyn at The Roundhouse. I got so emotional - she was totally magical and beautiful and such an amazing performer.

DD: What's next?

Charli XCX: I'm finishing working on my record, a few trips to L.A and Sweden, relaunching Shut Your Pretty Mouth (a night I'm running with Maya von Doll and Lisa O) and putting out my single 'Stay Away'. I'm busy.

Charli XCX's new single 'Stay Away' is out on This is Music on May 16th 2011