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Anton Zap

Anton Zap

The elusive Russian label owner and producer takes on duo Duijn and Douglas' new single on upcoming London imprint Feelharmonic

After accidentally meeting one half of Duijn and Douglas, Russia's Anton Zap was the foremost choice of remixer for the Amsterdam duo's debut EP, 'Klap Voor je Backingvocals', featuring jazz songstress Berenice as the first release on upcoming label Feelharmonic. Created to celebrate the love of 'proper songs', the new house and techno label headed up by renowned music writer Tim Gibney will be working with the likes of Rob Mello, Christopher Rau, to K-Soul, and Osunlade.

Zap as their first collaborator is the founder of label Ethereal Sound - releasing the likes of Pjotr and other Russian friends - alongside crafting enchanting tracks himself like 'Fascinated' on the elusive Story imprint and 'You Are Not Alone' on Millions of Moments, and works with the likes of deep house purveyors Dubbyman and Jus Ed for distinctively captivating sounds of an otherworldly nature.


... the best thing about where you're from/based?
My family.
...your worst vice?

Good behaviour.

 ... your favourite sound at the moment?
Silence. the top of your wish list?
To die without suffering.

...your favourite website?

...your fashion secret?
Forget Me Not. Check out

 ...are you listening to now?

Deepness by Black Jazz Consortium.

DD: Do you think relative anonymity gives focus to music out there or are there drawbacks to this?
Yes indeed.

DD: You've just worked with Amsterdam's Duijn and Douglas - what was the relationship between you like?

I met Esther [Duijn] in a club. She was curious about a few records I’d played. We are still connected via e-mail and Skype. I hope she enjoyed my remix!
DD: What are you most looking forward to next?
Quit smoking.

Feel001 on Feelharmonic is out 6th June 2011