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Phoebe wears silk and cotton sweaters LORO PIANA Cocooning collection, trousers their own, veil stylist’s ownPhotography Harley Weir, styling Imruh Asha

Just Stop Oil activist Phoebe Plummer is imprisoned for protesting

The 22-year-old activist will face six months in jail for taking part in a slow march to protest against new oil and gas

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Phoebe Plummer, a 22-year-old Just Stop Oil activist, has been sentenced to six months in prison for taking part in a slow march to protest against new oil and gas.

Phoebe is one of six Just Stop Oil activists who have been imprisoned in the last two weeks.

When asked by the judge whether they intended to continue marching,  Phoebe responded: “I will continue exercising my human right to protest, yes”.

Phoebe added: "I will continue to march while they continue to licence new oil, gas and coal. How many more children have to die before you listen? How many more floods have to wipe out entire villages? How many people will die before you stop sending people like me to prison? Sir Mark Rowley has been handed a dossier of evidence. Why won’t you investigate the real criminals?” 

Plummer told Dazed that draconian protest laws won’t hold climate activists back. “We’re not going to be intimidated by prison sentences when there’s so much more at stake,” she said.