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trans pride protest london 2023
Photography Dani d'Ingeo

‘Love and rage’: Portraits from London’s biggest ever Trans+ Pride

Photographer Dani d’Ingeo heads to Hyde Park to capture the thousands who turned up for the capital’s 2023 Trans+ Pride march

This weekend, around 25,000 people took to the streets of London to demand equal rights for trans people in the UK. The Trans+ Pride 2023 event – which is the fifth of its kind to take place in the capital – saw marchers rally through Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly, before eventually culminating in Hyde Park Corner. Speakers included performance artist Travis Alabanza, actress Yasmin Finney and model Munroe Bergdorf, with the latter reminding the gathered crowds that the event was, primarily, a protest – a day about both “love and rage”. Most of her (and everyone’s) anger was targeted at the Tories, whose polarising (and often needlessly cruel) policies have led to an increase in transphobic harassment. “We are in a particularly sinister moment in history,” Bergdorf said, “[where trans rights are] are being weaponised by the media and government in a senseless culture war that benefits no one but the ruling class”. 

And, despite the grim context and drizzly skies, the mood was defiant and uplifting, according to photographer Dani d’Ingeo. “The rain made it all the more challenging but then the sun came out and shone on such a beautiful and special day,” they say. See their inspiring images from the day in the gallery above, or check out their Instagram