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Meet Davide Virdis, the artist putting a futuristic spin on motorsports

As part of the Driven by Change initiative, Vuse, together with the McLaren Formula 1 team, are profiling emerging creatives with the launch of their new Creator Series

Driven by Change is a programme crafted by Vuse and supported by the McLaren Formula 1 team to support underrepresented creatives with exclusive access to mentorship and opportunities within the world of motorsport. Among these creatives is Davide Virdis, an automotive media designer, who’s racing off into the year 2083 with a futuristic concept for a F1 racing car. 

Celebrating 60 years since the McLaren Formula 1 team was established, Virdis has imagined a new car, entitled the DBC83, which he describes as a tribute to the heritage of McLaren’s Formula 1 racing.

Davide’s reimagined car features a traditional steering wheel and four wheels – “motor racing without a car-driver interaction is not motor racing,” he asserts – there’s advanced sensors and haptic feedback, providing drivers with heightened control of their car, putting “the driver and their skills are the centre of attention”. Elsewhere, materials such as carbon fibre and graphene are taken direct from space exploration innovations to make up the wheels, which are linked to the car via a magnetic field activated suspension system.

“It is not an exercise of engineering but an artistic perspective of what the future could behold,” says Virdis. DBC83 is nothing more than a love letter to our favourite motorsport discipline. I’ve loved designing this concept with the Driven by Change initiative, empowered by Vuse.”

To keep up with the Creator Series and to see more of Davide’s car, stay tapped into Vuse’s socials, and expect more information on the Driven by Change initiative.

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