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Generation 3.0: the 2022 Dazed 100 has arrived

Dazed and Coach spotlight 100 creatives – from artists and designers to gamers and tech innovators – who are defining a new era of the internet

The Dazed 100 is back once again. In 2022, our lives have been shaped by a new era of the internet, where decentralisation is putting power back in the hands of creatives, the possibilities and dangers of AI are more evident than ever before, and more and more of us are popping up as avatars in the virtual Wild West of the metaverse. That’s why, this year, the Dazed 100, in partnership with Coach, is shining a spotlight on Generation 3.0: a new wave of digital pioneers who are shaping our online futures.

As spelled out in the 2022 Dazed 100’s manifesto for a future internet, the 100 emerging voices that made the cut embody a brave and experimental approach to the new realities of the internet. It’s about shaping and embracing change, instead of shying away from it.

Spanning fashion, music, art and photography, activism, tech, gaming, entrepreneurship, performance, beauty, and entertainment, the list will offer young talent a platform to let their self-expression shine, inspiring the next generation of creatives in the process.

Reflecting the way new technologies continue to break down geographical boundaries, it’s also a truly global list, featuring everyone from Frost Children (an NYC-based music duo whose sound can only be described as Extremely Online), to the multidisciplinary artist Darkwah Kyei-Darkwah, to the Danish designer Alectra Rothschild (who counts Michèle Lamy and Arca among her biggest fans), Palestinian fashion label Trashy Clothing, content creator Ebonix, and Indian activist Garvita Gulhati, whose organisation works to tackle the global water crisis.

“In a world where everyone can be famous for 15 minutes we’re seeing a shift of influence,” says Dazed’s Izzy Farmiloe. “This year, Metaverse and Web 3.0 have been the most hyped words but there’s still so much confusion around the concepts. We have chosen to spotlight emerging creatives who are building the future of the internet and beyond.”

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