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The Dazed Club is here! Here’s how to join

Members get access to exclusive events, creative advice and exciting career opportunities, as well as discounted gallery and club access

We’ve launched Dazed Club – a new way for you to get involved in the world of Dazed. “Dazed Club is an open door into the world of Dazed,” says IB Kamara, our editor-in-chief. “Sharing 30 years of knowledge and skills from within the pages and walls of Dazed to our global audience, our aim is to empower the next generation of kids through creativity and give them the spark and resources to carve their own path.”

What are some of these resources exactly?

  1. We’ll share Clubbers’ work through emails, exhibitions and billboards nationwide; curated by our editors and the Dazed 100.
  2. Discounts, events and access to institutions, galleries and clubs; The ICA, Sadlers Wells, Printworks, Tate Liverpool, Field Day, 180 Strand. We want to remove some of the cost of going out to see things.
  3. Events; digital and real-world; Parties and chances to meet and learn from our team through talks and workshops.
  4. Newsletters; a window into the world of Dazed and practical creative career advice. 
  5. A one-year print subscription if you live in the UK. 
  6. Online access to the Dazed archive.

“Dazed Club will give our audience the chance to meet, create, learn and share through open calls and events, both online and IRL, and less expensive access to institutions, galleries and clubs from The ICA to the Tate and Sadler’s Wells to Field Day,” continues Kamara. “We’ll welcome them into the Dazed family and encourage them to create and send in their work, giving them opportunities to be platformed in our publications and through exhibitions and billboard takeovers.”

You can join here for just £5 a month