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Anna Delvey court look
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Anna Delvey talks her way out of being deported, for now

The scam artist was supposed to be put on a plane back to Germany last night, following months in ICE custody

In February last year, Anna Sorokin (AKA the socialite scammer that goes by Anna Delvey) was released from prison after serving a four-year sentence, only to land in an ICE detention centre just a month later, on allegations of overstaying her US visa. Now, Delvey is free once more, but potentially faces deportation back to Germany.

In case you haven’t binge-watched Inventing Anna yet, the 31-year-old con artist assumed the identity of a German heiress to climb the ranks of New York City’s social elite after moving to the city in 2013 – a climb that also included forging bank statements, swiping credit cards, and scamming friends out of tens of thousands of dollars.

Delvey’s schemes finally caught up with her in 2017 though, when she was detained and charged with fraud, theft, and grand larceny. The case was amplified by a revealing New York Magazine article in 2018, and the next year she was found guilty of most of the charges, and sentenced to four years in state prison.

Behind bars, Delvey apparently paid off the banks she swindled, as well as state fines, using the reported $320,000 that she received from Netflix for the rights to her life story. With lawyers’ fees on top, this doesn’t leave much money from the Netflix payday, but a rumoured apparel line, memoir, podcast appearances, and plans for a new docuseries suggest that she intends to keep cashing in on her notoriety.

Whether she’ll be able to manage her post-prison career from the US remains unclear. In March 25 last year – just weeks after her release – Delvey was detained by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), spending most of the following months at Orange County Jail in Goshen, New York.

According to the German news site Der Spiegel, Delvey was supposed to be deported back to Germany (where her family moved in 2007) following her release from ICE custody on Monday evening (March 14). Delvey has made several appeals to stay in the US and has unsuccessfully applied for asylum, citing a “fear of returning to Germany” due to threats against her and her family.

However, Der Spiegel reports that Delvey’s lawyers were able to stop the deportation at the last minute, arguing that the deadline for her latest appeal has not passed. US authorities are said to be working on finding a new deportation date, but for now Delvey seems to have wrangled her way out of yet another bad situation. Inventing Anna part two is writing itself at this point.