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Driven by Change

Vuse and McLaren Racing join forces to support creative communities

Driven by Change is a programme crafted by Vuse and supported by McLaren Racing to champion upcoming, underrepresented creatives with mentorship, access, and once-in-a-lifetime opportunities in elite motorsports

The creative industry, as we know, is tough to crack. Underrepresented stories, creative voices unheard, talent stifled by exclusivity and opacity. Now, in an ambitious new programme, long-standing collaborators Vuse and McLaren Racing hope to do their part to progress and represent more diverse and fresh creative industry perspectives with elite motorsport as its vehicle.

Driven by Change, which will launch in 2022, sees Vuse and McLaren Racing collaborating to produce a door-opening programme for creative people 25+. It will leverage multiple opportunities across elite motorsport for grassroots creative communities to showcase their work, providing them with unique access, mentorship, and collaborative opportunities that will champion their talent and work in a new arena.

The initiative marks a new, exciting venture for the world’s number one global vape brand* and the motorsport institution, aiming to champion up and coming creatives over the age of 25. Driven by Change will invite creatives to submit work and ideas for a chance at special mentorships, Grand Prix™ showcases, and access to global, elite racing industry insiders from early 2022. The programme is also supported by not-for-profit organisation Driven by Diversity, which raises awareness of the need for diversity and inclusion in motorsports.

This latest collaboration marks ongoing commitment by both brands to champion a new generation of creative people. It follows the previous Vuse Design Challenge, where artists submitted designs for the chance to adorn the No. 7 Vuse Arrow McLaren SP racecar, and a host of local artists were commissioned for activations across the streets of St. Petersburg during the Russian race.

Driven by Change’s first activation will take place at the 2021 Formula 1 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix, with a selected creator taking part in the events. 

Vuse is also currently running its Artist Spotlights video series, highlighting up-and-coming and creative talent across the world – one instalment features creative consultant and artist Dima Tattan. Vuse has commissioned Tattan to create a new piece of work, while the Artist Spotlights episode delves into Tattan’s journey from the corporate world towards their dream as an artist, with brand collabs and personal project paving the way.

John Beasley, Group Head of Brand Building, BAT, said: “The Driven by Change programme aims to effect change, by shattering the traditional partnership mold. We are putting people and talent first, creating opportunities for undiscovered and uncelebrated talent in an industry dominated by status, age, prowess, and name. As leaders in our respective industries, we have an opportunity to celebrate diversity, showcasing and supporting the work of tomorrow’s creators.” 

Lindsay Orridge, Founder and President, Driven by Diversity, said: “Creating change in the diversity and inclusion space in the motorsport industry is largely focused on engineering and driver talent, so by working with Vuse we can help to bring inclusivity to another important area: creative talent. We can collaboratively help upcoming creators in the elite motorsport space through mentorship opportunities and showcasing their work using our shared platforms to help push them beyond their current limits.”

More information on the Driven by Change programme will be released in 2022, with a range of events and opportunities, details on the creator network, and how you can get involved.

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