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Dazed and GOAT19
Photography Kit Powis Page (Glance Productions)

What went down at Dazed and GOAT’s NEW VISIONS event

This weekend saw Dazed HQ stage a stellar line-up of free public workshops and talks featuring Helen Kirkum, Blondey, and more

This weekend, Dazed teamed up with global marketplace GOAT to present NEW VISIONS – a blockbuster day of free public workshops and talks to empower, spotlight, and champion the next generation of creative people.

Coinciding with GOAT’s exciting European launch, in a move that sees the platform grow from its classic sneaker beginnings into new, vintage and archival fashion, the event took place at Dazed’s brand new HQ at 180 The Strand, London.

Attendees were treated to a whirlwind day of programme, featuring the likes of artist, designer, and skateboarder Blondey (formerly Blondey McCoy), designer Helen Kirkum, and archivists Tom Brazil and Archie Maher of Ninety Fly and Arco Maher respectively. 

In case you missed, here’s the lowdown of everything you need to know.


The first big event since Dazed has reopened its doors, NEW VISIONS brought the space to life for the first time. The office was transformed into a creative hub, with workshops taking place on one side of the space and intimate panel talks on the other.


Kicking the whole day off was upcycling maestro Helen Kirkum, who got her start as a designer in adidas Originals, before founding her own acclaimed namesake brand specialising in reworking discarded sneakers. Recognised as one of the leading sustainable footwear designers in the industry, Kirkum wanted attendees to explore different approaches to sneaker design and highlight how waste can inspire radical new shapes and styles. 

Participants were tasked with sketching their sneakers with both their left and right hands, and then with their eyes closed. The idea, she explained, is to not overthink things. They then had the opportunity to create their own sneakers, using an assortment of materials, packaging, and household waste. Think: GOAT posters, old Dazed issues, cereal boxes, and card. 


One man’s trash is another man’s treasure, and that was certainly the case for the workshop participants, who crafted an exceptional array of thrifty footwear. From tartan flatforms to hummus packet hardware and bubblewrap textures, the pieces on show were an inspiring display of creativity on a dime. 


Later on, Dazed’s fashion features director Emma Davidson hosted an intimate panel with Arco Maher founder Archie Maher, and Ninety Fly archivist Tom Brazil.

The talk took a deep dive into the nebulous world of fashion archiving, discussing the influence of British subcultures on today’s luxury fashion landscape, and the future of the industry as influenced by iconic looks from the past. Maher and Brazil also discussed their road into fashion, including their first finds and holy grail items. In case you’re wondering, Maher’s is a Stone Island Helicopter jacket – which he’s not found yet – and Brazil’s a casino print suit with matching silk shirt by Moschino, which he finally got his hands on recently.


Rounding off the day’s events, skater Blondey sat down with to writer and Dazed’s art editor-at-large Ashleigh Kane to talk about how he got into the creative industries. Having previously skated for the likes of Palace and adidas from as young as 14, the now-24-year-old is creative director of his own brand Thames and collaborates with brands including adidas, Valentino, and Burberry.

He spoke about his beginnings skateboarding at London’s Southbank and how that shaped his career, and opened up about his decision to leave Palace in 2019 and start Thames – incidentally born out of a GCSE project – and the importance of designing affordable streetwear.

He closed out the convo by speaking about his experiences of becoming a father and what we can expect from BBC Three’s upcoming streetwear series The Drop, on which he’s a judge, and will see nine of Britain’s most promising up-and-coming creatives to compete for the chance to have their new streetwear brand stocked in a major UK retailer.

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