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Gigi Goode
via Instagram/@thegigigoode

Join a life drawing class with drag queen muses Gigi Goode, Bimini and more

Naomi Smalls is also set to appear in a drag-themed series of sessions from SketchSesh

Remember the first lockdown when we promised we’d use the time to work on our creative hobbies, then promptly gave up to binge watch Tiger King and play Animal Crossing instead? Well, maybe now’s the time to find that pencil among the folds of your duvet, in preparation for a series of drag-themed life drawing sessions, featuring RuPaul’s Drag Race alumni Gigi Goode and Naomi Smalls, and Drag Race UK’s Bimini.

The drag queen muses are set to appear as part of SketchSesh, the life drawing project founded by artists James Davison and Simon Gray in 2017. As venues shut down during the pandemic, the IRL event has been taken online, offering a limited number of spaces via Zoom.

Gigi Goode will appear in the first session on January 27 at 7pm GMT. “Gigi will be streaming looks and poses from LA to SketchSesh artists around the world!” reads an announcement via Instagram. Naomi Smalls, meanwhile, is set to take part February 3, with Bimini following the week after.

Spots in a SketchSesh session cost £10, and you can RSVP via View more details in the post below.