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Nowness 10 festival

Get free tickets to NOWNESS’ 10th anniversary festival

Featuring talks and workshops with Luca Guadagnino, Doug Aitken, Andrew Thomas Huang, Holly Blakey, and more

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, NOWNESS is putting on a 10-hour free festival with talks and workshops from some of the platform’s most exciting film directors, cinematographers, artists, fashion designers, and dancers.

Taking place on December 2, the NOWNESS 10 festival will go behind-the-scenes and meet creators behind the works platformed on the site. There’s filmmaker Matt Lambert in conversation with fashion designers Saul Nash and Priya Ahluwalia; multidisciplinary artists, choreographers, and dancers Ivan Michael Blackstock and Holly Blakey will reflect on the rise of dance culture during coronavirus; and We Are Who We Are director Luca Guadagnino will discuss his first foray into episodic television.

Also featuring is artist Doug Aitken, Björk collaborator Andrew Thomas Huang, and emerging filmmakers Leonn Ward, Iggy LDN, and Bafic.

Elsewhere, there will be a special birthday screening of NOWNESS all-time favourite short films as selected by Kate Moss, Gus Van Sant, Honey Dijon, Harris Reed, Kelsey Lu, Simone Rocha, Benjamin Alexander Huseby & Serhat Isik from GmbH, Wilson Oryema, Hans Ulrich Obrist, Beth Ditto, and Molly Goddard.

“The creative expression of style through short-form film, video, and digital content has flourished in the ten years since Nowness came to be. The platform was ahead of its time: conceived when the fashion world had not yet shifted focus to moving image as a serious artistic medium or business necessity,” said Bunny Kinney, NOWNESS creative director.

“But as more image-makers have been given the means to create work and broadcast it globally from the palms of their hands, the notion of fashion film has been both legitimised and democratised. All the while, NOWNESS has remained steadfast in its mission to support and inspire these creatives to forge ahead as they continue to define and redefine the genre,” he added.

The NOWNESS 10 festival takes place on December 2. To sign up and explore the programme visit NOWNESS