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Drew Barrymore in Scream

There’s a hotline you can call to scream down the phone

You can also listen back to other people’s screams

Has 2020 got you down? Are you tired of being stuck in coronavirus lockdown? Do you feel trapped in the prison that is your mind? Sounds like you’re in need of a scream – luckily, there’s a hotline for that.

Those looking to let out their frustrations can call +1 561 567 8431 and, simply, scream down the phone. There’s even a website,, where visitors can listen back to their own screams, as well as other people’s.

In a step-by-step guide on the site, Chris Gollmar – the “teacher, occasional artist, and generally rather quiet person” who set up the project – outlines how to use the hotline. Step one: call. “Don’t worry,” Gollmar says. “There is no live human on the other end of the line.” Step two: scream. “Wait for the beep. Scream. Hang up. That’s all there is to it.” Step three (“optional”): return to the site to listen to a fresh batch of screams – updated daily.

Callers are encouraged to “please do this in public, except not, perhaps, in a crowded theatre”. Users can even text the number with comments, questions, or just to “send a friendly text”. According to the website, the project will be active until January 21 2021.

Listen to yesterday’s screams here, and call +1 561 567 8431 to record your own. Happy Monday!