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Anna Delvey Legally Blonde clip to celebrate early parole

Anna Delvey celebrates her early parole with a Legally Blonde clip

The New York scammer was sentenced to up to 12 years in 2019

The internet’s favourite fake heiress (real fraudster) Anna Delvey gained notoriety by charming and scamming her way into New York City’s social elite, and convincing those within it to fund her lavish lifestyle. But after serving her time (and a few lewks along the way) she’s finally been granted parole for good behaviour.

Sorokin was trying to raise funds for the opening of her own members-only arts club on Park Avenue South in the heart of Manhattan, planning to spend millions of dollars on exhibitions, pop-ups, and private soirées. She maintained the German heiress ruse as long as possible to try and amass enough money for the club by swindling unsuspecting and unconscionably wealthy party people. 

But Sorokin didn't always target the wealthy. She was also accused of conning her friend, former Vanity Fair photo editor DeLoache Williams, out of $62,000, accusations Williams details in her book My Friend Anna: The True Story of Anna Delvey, the Fake Heiress of New York City.

The threat of a 15-year sentence (for one larceny charge alone) didn’t seem to phase Delvey, real name Sorokin, whose courtroom fashion choices demanded their own instagram account, @annacelveycourtlooks, and helped pave the way for an upcoming ten-part Netflix series, Inventing Anna, starring Julia Garner, Katie Lowes and Laverne Cox.

Back in April 2019, Sorokin was found guilty of almost all the charges levelled against her including “second-degree grand larceny, theft of services and one count of first-degree attempted grand larceny” and was given a 4 to 12-year term, but now she’s due to walk free as early as February 2021.

In a display of celebration over the weekend Sorokin posted to her Instagram a clip from Legally Blonde, the moment when Elle Woods gets into Harvard, with the caption “parole”. Her lawyer told the New York Post: “Anna has paid her debt to society handsomely, and I hope society repays the favour.”

However, this could be the end of the road for Sorokin’s New York dream as she is likely to be deported to Germany on her release. Next stop Berlin?