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Grace Jones 1980s Wine Cooler Advert
Grace Jones for Sun Country Wine Cooler (1980s)

Watch Grace Jones star as a furry in this obscure 80s ad

The iconic musician slips into a polar bear costume to promote ‘fabulous’ wine coolers, because of course she does

Thought you’d seen every legendary Grace Jones moment the world wide web has to offer? Reader, you thought wrong. Uncovered during an insomnia-induced late-night dive into the most obscure depths of YouTube comes this quite frankly iconique advert from the 1980s, in which she charismatically peddles her fave after-hours bev.

Dressed up as a polar bear in a costume that would likely see a fair few furries go weak at the knees, Jones tells thirsty viewers she ‘lives for the nighttime, darling’ before revealing Sun Country’s Wine Cooler as her go-to when she’s looking to get the party started. “Real wine, premium fruit juice, together with a couple of friends and you’ve got a night to remember” she enthuses as the refreshing liquid splashes over a bunch of ice cubes, and, if you disregard the hefty paycheck she likely scored for starring in the clip, we really feel like we can trust her on this one. 

The ad ends with Jones whipping off the polar bear’s head and reciting a short Sun Country-centric poem – in a pair of light-up sunglasses no less – before she laughs maniacally to herself and the set fades to black. Watch the full clip below.