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Elon Musk

Elon Musk thinks baby X Æ A-12’s name sounds like a password

The Tesla CEO spoke at the company’s Berlin factory earlier this month

Between pushing for Kanye’s presidential campaign, releasing Tesla short-shorts, and claiming the Egyptian pyramids were built by aliens, Elon Musk is 100 per cent chaotic energy. Now, the Tesla and SpaceX founder thinks his baby’s name sounds like a password.

Earlier this month, the Tesla and SpaceX founder was interviewed outside his Tesla electric car factory in Berlin. When a reporter inquired about Baby X Æ A-12, he replied, “Sorry?” appearing to not understand the question. He added: “Oh, you mean my kid. That sounds like a password”.

Of course, it wouldn’t be an Elon Musk interview without some cringe comments too. Speaking on the factory’s opening, he said: “We’ll start the party early and then go late and have a rave thing at the end – some cool techno or something.” He added: “I think a rave cave is culturally necessary!” Did we mention this is the same guy who’s trying to stream music directly into our brains? Let that sink in for a while.

Back in May, Grimes and Musk hit a hurdle when it emerged they wouldn’t be able to register X Æ A-12’s name in California, as the state doesn’t allow legal names to contain numbers or symbols. Instead, they settled on the much more traditional, X AE A-XII. If you were still unconvinced that the name is real, this birth certificate proves otherwise.

Watch the interview below.