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The Fab Five from Queer Eye

Queer Eye’s Fab Five want you to vote for Joe Biden

‘The Trump administration affects all five of us’

With the US elections just months away, Queer Eye’s Fab Five have joined forces with Joe Biden’s wife Jill, urging fans to vote Democratic.

Speaking at a virtual event on Tuesday (September 1), the Fab Five encouraged young people to make their voices heard at the ballot box in November, with Tan France, the show’s fashion expert, delivering an emotional plea to others to not take their vote for granted.

“If you can’t do it for yourself, do it for the people you desperately care about,” he said. “If you say that you love us Queer Eye members, every one of us five is affected by the current administration, and Joe Biden and Kamala will make it easier for us.”

He also spoke out against the Trump administration for “denigrating immigrants” throughout his presidency and reelection campaign. “I’ll be thinking of the fact that I am a representative of so many things that have been so negatively portrayed over the last three and a half years. We want to be respected. Muslims want to be respected, people of colour want be respected, the Black community wants to be respected, gay people want to be respected, trans people want to be respected.”

Last month, Billie Eilish also asked fans to vote Biden. The singer delivered a passionate anti-Trump speech at the Democratic National Convention, where she urged Americans to vote like their “lives depend on it”.