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Bryce Hall and Blake Gray
via Instagram(@brycehall)

TikTok star Bryce Hall faces criminal charges after recent COVID-19 parties

The announcement follows Los Angeles city attorney Mark Feuer’s crackdown on pandemic party houses in the Hollywood Hills

The gig’s finally up for TikTok star Bryce Hall, who’s facing criminal charges, along with fellow influencer Blake Gray, after hosting a string of ‘pandemic parties’ in the Hollywood Hills.

In a screenshot of a press release, first shared by New York Times reporter Taylor Lorenz on Twitter, Los Angeles city attorney Mark Feuer announced a crackdown on party houses, as well as criminal charges for those linked to recent parties in the Hollywood Hills, including those organised by Hall and Gray.

Last week, the LAPD shut off the power at Hall’s personal rental house in the Hollywood Hills that he shares with TikTokers Noah Beck and Gray – known online as members of the Sway House.

Though it was a different rental home than the one the party was held, the shutoff was instigated after Hall hosted a 21st birthday party in Encico with over 100 guests and strippers.

“Despite several warnings, this house has turned into a nightclub in the hills, hosting large gatherings in flagrant violation of our public health orders. The City has now disconnected utilities at this home to stop these parties that endanger our community,” Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti’s statement read.

The shut off followed a warning issued at Hall’s residence on August 8 after another large gathering during which the LAPD visited and posted warnings on the property, “providing notice that violations of the Order are subject to civil and criminal penalties”.

Of course, the recent charges aren’t anything too out of the ordinary for Hall, who was arrested back in May on drug-related charges in Lee County, Texas, alongside fellow Sway House member Jaden Hossler.

While it’s still unclear what charges are facing the TikTokers, it suggests that Feuer’s crackdown might mark the end of pandemic party houses. Jake Paul, take note.