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munroe bergdorf
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Munroe Bergdorf is releasing a pioneering new book on gender and identity

Her first book, Transitional, will be ‘a manifesto for how I see society changing for the better, bringing us all closer’

Model and activist Munroe Bergdorf will be releasing her first book, Transitional, which will focus on themes of adolescence, sexuality, gender, relationships, identity, and race.

Described as “a manifesto for how I see society changing for the better, bringing us all closer”, the book – which will be published by Bloomsbury next year – will draw on Bergdorf’s own experiences, including growing up in a mixed race family, attending an all-boys school, and starting her transition at age 24. She told the Guardian that transition is something that every person faces in their lives “and that only by recognising this can we understand times of change”.

As well as touching on her own experiences, the book will look at history of gender throughout the world, including Polynesian, Indian, and Native American cultures that recognised more than two genders before the colonial era. Current discussions around gender and sexuality will also be explored in the context of conversion therapy and the UK government trying to wind back trans rights by scrapping the plan to allow people to change their legal gender by self-identifying as male or female.

Last month, L’Oréal Paris issued a statement addressing its treatment of Bergdorf after she was fired by the company in 2017 after she spoke out publicly against racism and white supremacy.

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