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Kendall Jenner says she didn’t post that edited Black Lives Matter pic

An image photoshopped to show the model holding a placard supporting the movement has been widely shared on social media

Amid a wave of support for anti-racism demonstrations taking place in cities across the US, a picture of Kendall Jenner holding a Black Lives Matter placard has been widely shared on social media.

As many have pointed out though, the image is clearly edited, with Jenner’s shadow showing that she’s not actually holding the sign. Now, the model has responded to people sharing the image (and the subsequent backlash she’s faced) in a response to one of the posts.

“this is photoshopped by someone,” Jenner writes. “i DID NOT post this.”

As with a lot of the hoaxes and misinformation currently surrounding the Black Lives Matter movement, it’s unclear who originally posted the image, and whether it was supposed to reflect well on Jenner or inspire the backlash it did.

Kendall Jenner’s infamous, protest-themed Pepsi ad from 2017 – which was roundly criticised for trivialising the message of several important movements, and subsequently pulled – has also resurfaced in light of current events, which have seen protesters targeted by police wielding batons, tear gas, and rubber bullets.

References to the advert have appeared on placards, and protesters have even staged a recreation of Jenner handing the drink to a police officer.

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