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Caroline Polachek Photo by Tsarina Merrin

Grimes, Caroline Polachek, and more share isolation art for Dazed essay

‘How To Survive A Plague’ is a project by Sean Monahan and Jordan Richman, a celebration of their creative community and a glimpse into the future at what comes next

“We were already living in a Zombie World Order, it just took a pandemic for us to realise it”. This is one of the lines from Sean Monahan’s (formerly of K-Hole) and Jordan Richman’s essay and photo project “How We Survive A Plague”, published on Dazed.

The longread essay is an exploration of a broken society, the effects that coronavirus has had on friendships and sex, a look back at the Aids crisis, and theories about where we go from here.

It's accompanied by a gallery of surreal images, with contributions coming from Grimes/War Nymph, Caroline Polachek, Bjarne Melgaard, and more.

“This report was born out of friends coming together, checking in with each other and sharing our inspirations, nightmares, thirst traps, and humour to get through this very challenging time,” says Richman. The ‘We’ in “How We Survive A Plague” is our creative community that collaborated with us on these images representing our surreal realities, fantasies, and isolation.”

Check out the images above, and read the essay here.

Contributions: Mirko BorscheColin DodgsonTalia ChetritNoen EubanksSylvie FleuryAndrea ÁmezGrimes/War NymphInge GrognardYola JimenezEmilie KarehThomas LohrGlenn MartensBjarne MelgaardAndy MorinSharna OsborneCaroline PolachekPuppies Puppies (Jade Kuriki Olivo)Torbjørn RødlandAndre WalkerKandis WilliamsNiklas Bildstein Zaar and Slavoj Zizek.