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Sex work poster, London tube
courtesy of Twitter/@pastachips

Posters advocating sex work decriminalisation appear on the London tube

The adhacking campaign precedes a protest to call for the normalisation of sex work and point out the dangers of criminalising it

New posters on the London Underground are calling for the decriminalisation of sex work, as part of an adhacking campaign that comes simultaneous with a sex worker strike for International Women’s Day.

“Why is using sex to sell OK and selling sex isn’t?” asks one poster, shared on Twitter by Revolting Prostitutes: The Fight for Sex Workers’ Rights author Molly Smith, alongside images of a demonstration by activists in red veils.

Tube posters shared by another user, which are attributed to the English Collective of Prostitutes, read, “Most sex workers are mothers supporting families. Outlaw poverty not prostitutes”, and “Two thirds of sex workers have suffered violence. Decriminalise sex work. Safety first”.

Both sets of posters bear the #decrimnow slogan.

The sex workers’ strike and London protest – which is due to begin at 5pm today (March 8) – also intends to bring awareness to the increased safety of decriminalised sex work. In an editorial for i news, Frankie Miren, an activist with the English Collective of Prostitutes points out that, “although buying and selling sex is legal in England and Wales, most activities associated with the transaction are criminalised”. Addressing how this impacts the safety of sex workers, Miren continues: “Working together indoors is illegal, as is soliciting. Sex workers say being forced to work alone, in isolated areas, makes them more vulnerable to abuse.”

The protest also aims to gather more attention from feminist groups and activists, whose support of the decriminalisation movement has been building over the last few years.