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Illustration Sims Death 3 (1)

Take our quiz: How would you die in The Sims?

No Sims were harmed in the making of this quiz

Maybe you locked them in the kitchen with an open flame, or removed the ladder from the swimming pool until they cried “Neeshga! Neeshga!” at the top of their pixelated lungs. It could have been that you simply wanted a super goth house, kitted out with gravestones and a handful of satanic cats. Whatever your method or reason, admit it: we’ve all murdered our Sims in horrific ways. 20 years on from its original release, we’re thinking back on some of those extravagant lengths we went to slaughter our little virtual reality families and pals, and if you were shrunk down to all but 20 pixels, how would you be shoved off this digital mortal coil?