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Caroline Calloway
via Instagram (@carolinecalloway)

Caroline Calloway is releasing a book called... Scammer

The release of the book will coincide with the ‘scammiversary’ of her creative workshops

We all know influencers love a good comeback, so it’s no surprise that one of the most notorious of them all – Caroline Calloway – is re-entering the limelight after her very public fall from grace last year.

The Instagram influencer, who was labelled a scammer after a lengthy, emotionally complex piece on The Cut about her went viral, is bringing out two new books, titled And We Were Like and, funnily enough, Scammer

If by some miracle you managed to avoid the Caroline Calloway saga when it kicked off in September last year, let us get you up to speed. Calloway has been a big presence on Instagram since around 2015, with lengthy posts about her life in the US and, later, Cambridge University gaining her a huge online following. Her ‘#adventuregrams’ and in-depth, autobiographical captions made her, according to ABC News, “the envy of social media”, with her Instagram page essentially reading like an autobiography about her everyday life.

But when an actual memoir became a very real possibility after she was offered a six-figure book deal in 2016, everything started to unravel. Calloway failed to turn in a manuscript, pulled out of the deal and, to top it all off, pissed off her thousands of fans by organising (or failing to organise) a Fyre-festival-style disaster in the form of expensive ‘creativity workshops’ that were a total shambles. 

Calloway’s former close friend and alleged ghostwriter Natalie Beach published a tell-all article in The Cut last year, detailing the pair’s complicated relationship and Calloway’s struggles with mental illness and unhealthy obsession with documenting her life. It’s safe to say Calloway didn’t come off well in the piece, and a pretty extensive social media debate ensued, which she herself waded into a number of times. 

One of Calloway’s responses to the piece on The Cut was that she was finally going to write her memoir – And We Were Like – after all. She’s also announced that she’s going to translate the whole experience into another book called Scammer, which she announced in an Instagram post.

“It’s finally here! Seven years of writing for you and this is the first time you can hold my words! Ever! The goal of this book is to make a pretty object that you can hug and display and cherish, while also giving you an escape hatch from your life, like all good authors do. On Instagram you can disappear into the coziness of my writing voice, but only for so long. Captions are done in a hot sec. With SCAMMER we can finally hang out interrupted,” said Calloway on her site, before adding: “Don’t want it? Don’t buy it!”

According to the post, Scammer will be available for pre-sale in January to mark the anniversary, or “Scammiversary”, of her disastrous workshops. We’ll have to wait and see whether And We Were Like will ever materialise. Don’t hold your breath.

Scammer is available to preorder in advance of its Spring 2020 release.