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Thailand plastic bag alternative
courtesy of Instagram/@hyunin.s

Thailand banned plastic bags, so people are getting creative

Traffic cones, buckets, rice cookers – the single-use plastic bag ban has sparked a new social media trend

You’re going out to the local supermarket to do the weekly shop. You know how it is: you grab your keys, your wallet, your giant ceremonial urn. Ok, so it might not be the most convenient way to carry your food around, but you do it for the likes.

At least, you might if you live in Thailand, because a social media trend for carrying groceries in unusual household objects – or objects people have just found on the street – is blowing up following a nationwide ban on single-use plastic bags.

Although the ban won’t technically be in full effect until 2021, many shops and supermarkets have already taken action and stopped providing plastic bags to customers.

The result? People picking up their shopping in traffic cones, rice cookers, and buckets, to name a few unconventional methods.

Others innovations include a wheelbarrow, a laundry basket, and a (very heavy looking) ceramic vase.

Or, for the more conventional but definitely also more convenient option, a suitcase. If you’re feeling fancy, maybe a Fendi bag (food shopping but make it fashion).

Basically, Thailand are doing it right. The country’s actions towards plastic reduction (by 2022, they plan to outlaw styrofoam and plastic straws and cups as well) are the kind of concrete changes we need, and the wide reaction to them is only helping to raise awareness. 

With a ban that’s as good for the environment as it is for the memes, you can’t really go wrong.