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Things I found in Area 51 meme
Via Twitter @Lukewearechange

So, what did everyone find in Area 51?

The meme that will never die

You know how this goes: someone made a Facebook event about storming Area 51, millions of people signed up, there were memesLil Nas X even made a music video about it – the organiser launched a ‘festival’ called Alienstock (then cancelled it), then about 200 people actually turned up and, obviously, did not storm Area 51. Now, just when you thought it was finally over, there’s more memes.

Using the hashtag #ThingsIFoundInArea51, Twitter users are sharing their fake findings from the fake storming – from the iconic technology in Zoey 101 to cocaine flavoured pop tarts. 

Despite most people acknowledging that the planned September 20 storming was a joke, a few hundred people did actually turn up – more with the aim of partying in costume than breaking in, though. Footage from the night shows people dressed as aliens, dinosaurs, and silver spacemen, dancing (OK, pushing and shoving each other) during a live performance by rock band Wiley Savage.

The 50-capacity town of Rachel, Nevada – the closest place to Area 51 – had previously criticised the planned Alienstock festival, claiming the organisers were trying to “capitalise on the chaos” of the Facebook event. The town welcomed the cancellation, urging visitors to instead head to Las Vegas for Alienstock’s rescheduled event

Residents of Rachel and law enforcement didn’t need to worry in the end, as most people just drank and probably shared conspiracy theories. Although one woman did walk through the gates, and no one knows what happened to her – the guy who filmed her presumes she’s in jail. Definitely worth it for the legendary banter though, right?

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