Watch Dazed Beauty’s short film exploring what it means to move like a man

Shot by Bunny Kinney, the film is a part of new campaign Behind The Masc: Rethinking Masculinity

Yesterday, Dazed Beauty launched its new digital campaign titled Behind The Masc: Rethinking Masculinity. The week of content is dedicated to exploring what masculinity means in 2019 through a host of original photo stories shot all around the world from Toyko to New York, as well as in-depth investigations into what it means to identify as butch and the pressures older bodybuilders are put under. 

Among these photo stories lies the sole video of the season: Move Like A Man. Shot by Dazed Beauty’s editor-in-chief Bunny Kinney using only a mobile phone, Move Like A Man sees nine dancers and choreographers including Holly Blakey and Alexander Aplerku interpret what it means to them to “move like a man,” all set to the Obongjayar track “Endless”.   

Move Like A Man works from the idea that masculinity is a learnt behavioural system, not an innate one, and that we can all be playful within that, whatever our given gender. “Masculinity is performance and it’s part of a spectrum,” says dancer Alexander Aplerku. “Guys and girls and people who are everything in between, are some parts masculine and feminine.”

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