People are now searching for aliens and Area 51 on Pornhub

You lot are weird

Has this Area 51 thing maybe gone too far? It all started out as an innocent joke, but now people are apparently trying to fuck the aliens (kind of) as Pornhub reports its searches for ‘Area 51’ and ‘alien’ are through the roof.

You know the details, but here’s a brief refresher: over a million people have joined a Facebook event to storm Area 51 with the logic that “they can’t stop all of us”, Twitter did lots of memes about it, Lil Nas X released an alien version of “Old Town Road”, and someone has set up a website selling #StormArea51 merch

Now the joke has filtered into the porn world, as Pornhub statistics show searches for ‘Area 51’ have surged from zero to 160,000 in four days (since July 12), with 59,000 searches on July 16 alone. 

The site also found that searches for ‘alien’ increased by 217 per cent on July 2 (the Area 51 event was created on June 27), then again by 199 per cent on July 15. Although apparently 30,000 people “shoot their rockets off to ‘alien’ videos” on an average day anyway.

Pornhub lists the top 20 extraterrestrial searches, with ‘alien impregnation’ at number one, the more mundane ‘alien sex’ in position two, and ‘alien hentai’ at three. Some personal highlights from lower down the list include: ‘monsters vs aliens’ (how TF is that sexy?), ‘alien pussy’, and ‘sexy alien babe’.

Surprisingly women are 33 per cent more likely to search for filthy aliens than men, and unsurprisingly it’s more popular among 18 to 24-year-olds who are 67 per cent more likely than other age groups.

In terms of location, visitors from Czech Republic are looking for alien porn the most, with Argentina and Belarus not far behind. The US is 25 per cent more likely than other countries, and the UK just 10 per cent more likely.

It will be interesting to see the next generation of alien/human hybrids following the Area 51 storming on September 20. The future is going to be out of this world (not sorry).